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Traction Workbook

by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Traction introduces the "Bullseye Framework," a five-step process successful companies use to get more customers. This workbook with help you find the right marketing channel to unlock your next stage of growth. 

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Access to the 2014 Habit Summit Video Library

Get access to ten insight-packed videos recorded at the 2014 Habit Summit at Stanford University. Hear from bestselling author Gretchen Rubin on "The Secret to Making and Breaking Habits," industry veteran Josh Elman on "How Twitter Built User Habits", and Julie Zhuo, Facebook's Director of Product Design on "The Facebook Habit" and more!

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Transform Your Habits e-Book

by James Clear

Change your life with this scientifically–backed guidebook. The full guide is packed with 45 pages of information about the science of sticking to good habits, making changes and overcoming obstacles. 

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Boost: Create Good Habits Using Psychology and Technology

by Max Ogles

Motivation is the starting point for great habits. In this book, you'll learn strategies for motivating yourself to achieve your goals based on surprising psychological research and the power of technology.

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